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Frequently Asked Questions

How can counselling help me:
Counselling helps you take time out from your situation and see it from a fresh perspective. Working with a counsellor gives you a chance to think about what you can do to change your situation for the better. It also gives you a chance to explore complex or difficult issues in a safe and confidential environment.

What should I ask when I contact a counsellor or psychotherapist for the first time?
Ask about the time, place, cost and duration of meetings plus any charges for cancelled appointments and holidays. You may also wish to enquire about the counsellor professional membership, experience and training. During this time you will build up an idea of what is involved and you will be able to decide if this is a person you can work with. It is important to be clear about what you want and what the practitioner is able to offer.

What happens at a counselling session?
The first session is the consultation session where we talk about the reasons that brought you to therapy as well as the services I offer. If we decide to work together then we will talk about the way we will proceed. Overall counselling sessions is all about listening to each other. There will be times where difficult emotions shall arise or resolutions seeked at all times I will support and hold in a safe embrace all such moments.

How long is a session:
Session take 50 minutes but can be longer if pre agreed.

What if I am not happy with the counsellor or psychotherapist when we meet?
During the initial assessment or first session be prepared to trust your instinct because your relationship with the therapist is at the heart of the process. If you are unsure about the therapist, seek another one. Having confidence in your therapist is very important and will enable you to get the best out of the process. Always remember it is you who is the customer. If no therapist seems suitable, it may be time to consider whether you would like to proceed or not.

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